Why Work with Me?


Because I understand where you are coming from!

  • As an empathetic, intuitive person, my clients feel safe and supported. They feel unconditional acceptance with me & the freedom to express their innermost desires and truths

  • I hold space for you to dive deeper to uncover your truest, most vibrant and healthful self!

  • As a bonus, I'm friendly, loving, compassionate and I take things lightheartedly. Plus, I'm actually quite hilarious!

  • My approach to health and well-being is unique. I listen to your needs, wants and deepest concerns and then give you a different perspective for healing, based on what you tell me.

  • I will never shame you or tell you that you should or should not be or feel a certain way.

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  • I offer insight and support you as you assimilate what works and resonates most with you.

  • I do business differently as I don't believe in competition. I believe there is a therapist or coach for everyone and that each person will and should choose the therapist or coach that resonates with them. This means you will never feel pressured to commit to anything you're not feeling. If we are a good fit, we will work together with a mutual agreement and commitment without any added pressures. It is important you feel comfortable and relaxed through the healing process.

  • I have a divine gift of seeing things from a different perspective. I am able to hear the deeper messages from your body and your subconscious and to relay those messages to you in a way you can relate to and understand. I am able to take the messages and interpret them in a meaningful way for you, to help inspire more meaningful change.

  • I offer guidance and support as opposed to instruction and so the healing process happens at a pace that is manageable and possible for you in your life NOW.

  • I truly and completely believe that everyone is capable of creating lasting change and healing in their own lives. I simply facilitate and support your process. It is your journey and I'm here to support you!


Let's Create Your FULL & Sustainable Solution Together!



Sometimes we forget that we have the power of choice and sometimes the Universe needs to send us messages to remind us. When something entirely unexpected happens that affects us in our life, it is a call for us to stop, breathe and take a look at our life, see what we are struggling with and decide where it's time to make a change.

Sometimes the struggle comes in the form of illness or injury, the loss of someone you love, a crisis or disease.

Sometimes it's also the constant nagging of chronic pain or discomfort in the body and the mind.  

Sometimes it's just a general feeling of unease that you can't seem to shake and you really don't want to live with anymore.

Sometimes it's more than just one or two of these that we struggle with at times (or all the time)....


For me, it was realizing that the source of my anxiety and depression was that I was holding on to old hurts and feelings, worries and fears from my past.


I've struggled most of my life with issues with abandonment, fear of loss, feeling a lack of love and support in my life (mostly from myself).




Does this sound familiar to you?


Once I realized the magnitude to which these negative thoughts, patterns and feelings were affecting my life and my health, I started to see how these same patterns existed in others, in particular my brother. His struggle with health, anxiety and depression has been a mirror into my own life, thoughts, feelings and actions along with my own pain and suffering. I began to see how his mindset and actions were digging him deeper and deeper into despair and suffering.  I began to desperately try to get him to see what I was so clearly seeing and I begged him to make changes but he stubbornly resisted and discounted my findings and recommendations from the knowledge I was acquiring from my studies as well as from my own self development.

This opened up a whole new can of stress for me as i felt responsible for his well-being.  

 Through tough self-work, I realized that feeling responsible for him was a pattern I learned at a very young, being the oldest in a single-parent household, and I began to dig deeper and release myself from the burden of being responsible for someone else's happiness.

This has been one of my most freeing lessons in life!

Not wanting to head down the same destructive path as my brother, I learned very quickly that I had to change the way I treated myself, how I treated my body and also the way I approached life.


Can you relate?

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Do you recognize some of these or other destructive patterns in your way of thinking and living?

Do you feel like you are a magnet for pain and suffering or like nothing ever goes your way?

Do you recognize these patterns in someone you love?

Changing the way you perceive the state of your health or your experiences can completely change your life and how your interact with yourself, other people, and in situations or events that you encounter.

The result for me has been more happiness, peace and joy with less fear, doubt and suffering; in essence,



And you can have this too!

You can make positive changes that will hugely impact your life NOW!

You can experience more joy and peace in each day, NOW.  


You can adopt positive changes in your life with ease and grace. Changes like....

  • Basic nutritional concepts, making eating healthy simple and easy for you and your lifestyle!

  • Become self-aware and release thoughts that create suffering so you experience more calm and clarity to more fully enjoy your life!

  • Reducing stress and going with the flow so that you can release resistance and allow beautiful and magical gifts of abundance and love from the Universe into your life!


Your inner self is waiting to reconnect with you!


Develop self-love and respect and nurture these acts of love so that you learn to not only share them more freely with yourself but also with others!



Let's Create Your FULL & Sustainable Solution Together!


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