My mission is to hold space for you so you feel safe and comfortable to be your authentic self freely and without judgement. My calm and loving demeanor will help you feel accepted and at ease.  My unique approach will help you improve the functioning of the body, gain more clarity of the mind and give you a greater sense of awareness and connection with yourself. By empowering you through repetition of practice, your body, mind and spirit will begin to align to increasing your general sense of health and well-being, while also creating a more passionate and fulfilling life, free from negative emotions, self-limiting beliefs, and chronic pain. 



I am committed to fully supporting you along your path to health and well-being by empowering you with information and healing techniques in a unique and individualized way.  My focus is always on YOU and YOUR JOURNEY supporting you as you create meaningful change on the road to your most vibrant and healthy self! I have several different tools that I draw upon to help facilitate change and achieve results. My training and experience is in the realm of Holistic Nutrition and Mind-body connection, Usui Reiki facilitating self-healing and interpreting imbalances in both your physical and your energetic bodies and Yoga principals for healing on the mental, spiritual and physical levels, plus my own experiences from my personal journey, helping to tie it all together for lasting change. 


the community

My clients come from all walks of life! They are of all abilities, shapes, sizes, colors, ages, religious backgrounds, and life paths. We share a passion and respect for each other and the practice of yoga and process of growth and healing. We view our space as sacred, where we can focus on personal and social growth and transformation. We respect all beings and realize that abiding in a conscious community elevates not only our own vibration of our being but also the world at large.