Set the Foundations for wellbeing…


✨ Do you often feel stressed, anxious and have a tendency to worry?

Have you heard all of the talk around how beneficial meditation is but you're feeling overwhelmed at starting on your own?

✨ Do you yearn for clarity and to feel like you know your direction in life?

✨ Have you tried meditation but found you got bored easily while doing it alone?

✨ Do you feel like you "don't know how to meditate"?

Have you always wanted to try meditation but never really knew where to start, what type of meditation to try or where to find guidance?

✨ Are you wanting a change for a healthier, happier lifestyle?

✨ do you struggle to find the motivation, strength, and let's face it, sometimes the courage to make the changes you know your need in your life?

✨ Do you find you have difficulties turning off your racing mind?

do you have difficulties falling or staying asleep or do you wake up most mornings feeling unrested?

Are you ready to take charge and take action towards helping yourself find joy and purpose in life again?!

✨ Are you ready to learn new ways to help calm the body and the mind in order to experience more peace and clarity?



Just because you find something hard to adapt to, doesn't mean that you can't do it.

Being comfortable with being uncomfortable will carry you to your goals! That's where meditation comes in handy! 


Meditation is a safe practice that has been found to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain

Meditation helps you learn to calm and quiet the mind so that you are able to process experiences with more clarity and ease!  

It will help you better understand yourself and others so that you are less affected by the people and situations around you.  You naturally become less reactive to situations and become able to more easily manage your emotions and your perceptions.

Join me for this

4-week journey...

The Art of Meditation ~ an introduction


Your investment for this 4-week course is $97

(Investment includes manual, course and recordings of the meditations learned)

Here’s an inside look at the course:


Week 1What is meditation?

Week 2Thoughts

Week 3Emotions

Week 4Radical Self-Love


Sessions run for 60 minutes, where you'll be guided through various types of meditation, giving you an opportunity to try a variety of different ways to meditate.  You will receive instruction on how to do these meditations and given a 60-page workbook with information, inspiration and weekly assignments to help put into practice what you learn at each session.

You'll learn how to get yourself moving towards a clearer, more focused mind, a deeper sense of calm and ease with life and a feeling of being empowered to choose and live a life you love

This lifestyle change is worth your efforts. Living happier , healthier and more lovingly with the energy to do the things you've been wanting to pursue for years now.


Free yourself from chronic pain and worry.

Stop holding it off. 

You've Got This!

*** SPACE IS LIMITED.  Please be aware that acceptance into this course is on a first come first served basis.

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